Celebrate with Local Sparkling!

Inside, you’ll find a list of some of our favorite sparklers from wineries in the Sacramento region. All wines shown are sourced locally and made in the traditional method where the secondary fermentation, which produces the bubbles, takes place in the bottle. https://www.sacmag.com/on-wine-1/celebrate-with-local-sparkling/?fbclid=IwAR3XkH5AeK90w8nxA4ntAzHOrsn3WumHbkZrvCgbsDG1nX_zZ51PnbGYyz4

Top 10 Reasons to Make Sacramento Your Next Wine Vacation Destination

By Carrie Boyle, Sacramento, CA When you are planning your next wine destination vacation, do you think of Sacramento, CA?  Yeah, most of us who live here don’t either, which is odd.  Sacramento is ground zero for access to wine country.  There are over 1000 wineries within a 2-hour drive of Sacramento.   There is no … Read more