Georgia…On My Mind at Story Winery

For over a year, my wanderlust has been frustrated and stifled. I’ve dreamed of vacations in far off lands, drinking regional wine, exploring unusual cuisines, nestling in at a neighborhood pub in an unfamiliar place, listening to music, chatting with locals and absorbing the vibe and local culture. Obviously, in 2020 and early in 2021, … Read more

Teneral Cellars…A Winery with A Mission

Based in the Sierra Foothill community of Fair Play, Teneral Cellars strives to break and bend norms in an industry that has long been boxed in by tradition. Osur, the CEO and founder, says she and her team pride themselves on being industry disruptors that influence progressive social change. How? By providing clear messaging, supporting … Read more

Celebrate with Local Sparkling!

Inside, you’ll find a list of some of our favorite sparklers from wineries in the Sacramento region. All wines shown are sourced locally and made in the traditional method where the secondary fermentation, which produces the bubbles, takes place in the bottle.